kjhg gfc images gfdWhile most African attires comes from the motherland ,we can also have unique Afrocentrism designs from all over the world .From suits, to dresses and African accessories such as jewellery and beads,

Most modern Africans wear western-styled pants ,shirts ,dresses and shoes.others continue to combine the old with new, wearing traditional clothing, along with western styles. Women katanas and men boubous are full length embroidered robes . These kaftan, which today are mainly worn by African women ,were originally worn by western African men.made from cotton or silk, kaftans sometimes button down the front.they are also the traditional female clothing of many countries in western Africa such as Mali, Senegal and Ghana.

The history of Africa fashion roots and how it has changed over time is also interesting. the greatest on clothing began in the 20th century as a result of trading with western countries. originally, Europeans and Arabs influenced African clothing, especially in the northern regions.the influence of the Arabian culture continues to be seen in the designs,embroideries, and long robes worn by some African in our daily lives.


This wide selection of men and women clothing includes many different fashion styles from the very modern to more traditional attire.In Ghana we love kente ,its one of our best homemade attires and the men wrap it around themselves crossing over to the left shoulder while the women wrap it around themselves just above their breast region or sew it into what we call kaba and slit .Those looking for African dresses and kaftans will find them at African exhibitions.

For business people ,having a variety of wholesale and retail African clothing is normally the best way to increase our pride in our heritage , culture and style. whoever you are be proud to be African because Africa is full of fashion. BE MADE OF BLACK.

By : kayphii.