First acknowledge that his infidelity is a problem in the marriage.
Most women like to sit back helplessly and watch their husbands do what they want because of the fear of getting into a fight when they complain. and this is so because some of them pretend or hope that someday it will get better. but the real truth is if care is not taking they might end up getting too attached to their mistress and in the end could lead to divorce ans sometimes loss of your share of properties you both laboured for.

The next thing to do is to make him know you know.
Most cheating men like their mistresses to be in the dark. they try so hard to make sure their wives do not find out and if it continues without you noticing it helps the affair thrive. once you let him know you know, it becomes hard for him to keep up with what he is doing and eventually he might stop. but the key point to note here is that the manner in which you approach him counts. if you do it in a harsh way you could make things worse.

The third thing to do is to check yourself and your marriage.
Men get married to women who inspire them, challenge them to do more, respect, and are also independent.check if you still do all these things. a lot of women after marriage begin to think the deal is done, once they are married they deceive themselves to think they are not loosing the man. Consciously or subconciously they stop doing all the good things they use to do . they forget their partners birthday, to give him a kiss before work, to help him undress after work, they devote all their time to kids, friends and work. your man needs your attention , give him that and you can win him.
Now its time to to deal with his infedelity, by talking to someone you trust.
Here there is the need to tell someone . but who to tell might be the problem but that person is definitely not your friends or his best friend who is probably aware but couldn’t tell you. the ideal people to confide in is his parents and yours or any family member that he is close to. these people most at times are the ones men respect and would make efforts to satisfy. and ask them to talk to him and ensure that whoever to tell does not deal with him in anger since it could make situations worse.
The next thing to do is to consider your options.
Consider whether your marriage is worth saving? Whether the marriage is good for the kids? Whether the man is willing to change? Whether you can let go of his former mistakes? Whether you can trust him again? How do you deal with the kids if there is a divorce? you need to see hoe well all the above questions can be dealt with perfectly. Here you would probably need counseling from a lot of people, or better still you can seek the advice of an expert say a marriage counselor.
Finally make yourself mentally and emotionally ready for anything.
After all these you still could loose your man so you need to make sure you are well prepared. Ranging from your finances to your sexuality. as you heard into a fight to win your husband you must have a plan and an exit strategy in case the situation doesn’t turn out as you expected. begin to formulate your strategy now so that by the time your husband decides to ask for a divorce ,you would be confident enough to sign those papers without hesitation.


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