Top Ten Hottest Ghanaian Actors

nice and handsome young men are common in Africa, there is a believe that most white women prefer African men because of their strength and structure. despite the high level of racism African men still dominate most things in the world, talk of football, music, basket ball all this are black American dominated or dominated by men of black origin talking of handsome men Ghana is not an exception, the country is blessed with various handsome and amazing talent. and i took the liberty to publish my top ten hottest Ghanaian celebrities.

The first is Chris Attoh

ghlisten                                                                                                        Chris Attoh

My second hottest actor is Majid Michel

ghlisten                                                 Majid Michel
ghlisten                                                                             Majid Michel

Number three is Van VIcker

ghlisten                      Van Vicker
ghlisten                                                                                                                          Van Vicker

The number spot goes to John Dumelo

ghlisten John Dumelo
ghlisten John Dumelo

My fifth hottest actor is James Gardner

ghlisten                                                      James Gardner

The sixth spot goes to Ekow Smith Asante

download (1)

Number seven is Elikem ‘the tailor’

images (1)

My number eight is Prince David Osei


Definitely the number nine spot goes to Frank Autus


the last but not the least is Adjetey Annan


the list above makes us understand that the black man is not always handsome but also very talented.

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