Its true that Africa is one of the most deprived continents in the world, but for those who believe in it, its the place to make money. Ghanaian celebrities are known for their talent in what ever they do and they don’t just do it for fun, they get the money they want out of it. for these females the story is the same.

she is the C E O and owner of aphrodisiac night club , owner of the hottest night clubs in Ghana. she is also a former Big Brother house mate. this business woman who is now 37 believes in Ghana and invested in it and is gaining big time. she deserves a mention when the topic is rich female celebrities.



She is a sexy and controversial radio and TV personality. she is very talented pushy and hardworking. the TV personality also called Delay by many owns a TV show called the delay show, a mackerel , a boutique and a TV series called Afia Schwarzenegger. for her handwork and riches she deserves a spot.


A Ghanaian actress and TV personality who breaks the internet all the time with her amazing hips. Born on 31st August 1980, she is the current face of Range Rover Evoque and Jobber man a job advertising company in Ghana. The award winning actress has a degree in Administrative law and use to host the one show on viasat one. she now hosts Home with Joyceline Dumas. she is rich no two ways.


Another talented actress, very frank and straight forward. she has graced many Ghanaian movies with great talent. She has also being part of a great deal of Nigerian movies with big budgets. We all know how much it cost to produce a good movies but this lady has beat the odds to produce three movies of her own, this is enough prove of how much she is worth.


A coveted award winning news reader on TV3. Not only does she read the news , she also has a TV show called the Diva’s show and is also part of the TV3 New day team. she has being referred to as one of the hottest female news readers to hit the Ghanaian screens.she has a son who is almost in his teens . All this put together shows how rich she is.


A lawyer by profession and a travel freak which i believe most Ghanians know by now.she was part of the TV3 New day team, which she featured on for two years. The TV personality who is currently rumored to be dating Paedae of R2BEES is also rumored to be from a well to do family and maybe living the luxurious life style of her daddy’s ticket. Rich father or not she is rich.


Another popular kumawood actress , who is one of the best they have. The actress who recently showed her asset on a live television show, where she was being interviewed by a colleague actor popularly known as Papa Kumasi. She is rumored to have gone further to say she is one of the richest female celebs in Ghana. The actress own a bar in kumasi and her own house , which is enough to show how rich she is.


Mcbrown is an actress who has featured in a lot of movies. She is currently producing her own movies under the name Empress Production. she has featured in movies from kumawood, Ghallywood and Nollywood. this makes her one of the richest. when it comes to riches among the female celebrities, these are my top eight.


Photo collage is a new trend coming up. A lot of people love to put their photo collages on social media, and celebrities also do the same. These celebrities have the most attractive collages you would ever seen.



At VGMA 2012 she was the talk of the day as she rocked her figure hugging yellow dress, she really turned heads on that day.When asked in an interview why she is always looking good she attributed it to a good yoga exercise, Yoga is her secret. But during the launch of her “no away” video featuring M.I from Nigeria she returned with a peachy purr dress that revealed her nicely shaped curves.her collage is one of the best you would ever see on the net.

Joycelin Dumas


This diva has being the topic of discussion on various blogs in and beyond Ghana because of her awesome curves.if all Ghanaian women begin to look like her, maybe just maybe there will be chaos in Ghana.some people are of the opinion that she has through medical means enhance her hips and others think its just natural. But whether medical or or natural she was looking stunning in this pic as she hoists the VGMA’s , and for that this is one of the nicest celebrity collages.

John Dumelo and Jackie Appiah


He is one of the prominent and well organized Ghanaian actor and as such is well celebrated by his fans across the world.On his birthday his friend and acting buddy Jackie Appiah posted this awesome collages photo of both of them on a holiday .it is special since it was attached to a birthday message , which is why its an awesome collage.

Elikem Kumordzie (the tailor)

On 27th November 2013 Elikem took to Facebook and posted this amazing picture, in which he was wearing one of his own designs matching it with a faded tattered jean.and he tagged a couple of personal friends, in his post he was talking about how three days from the said date he would change the history of fashion and personally i think he did.He is an awesome tailor and a photogenic person, for that he must be part of this collage story.

Peace Hyde


Peace Hyde is another big bum lady in Ghana that is on most of the websites when the topic is on bum and boobs. The Friday night live host is not just pretty, she is also a talented actress and featured in movies such as Adams Apple, The Protege, and the Prodigal.she burst to the scene at the launch of the fourth edition of Ghana Movies Awards. In this pic she is spotted in an ash top and a red designer skirt to match, this only shows how she dominates the fashion world in Ghana and deserves a mention here.

Frank Artus


Frank Artus is a fast risen Ghanaian actor who is on the rocket to the top. He posted this collage of himself on his own website, In which he shows his nice physique and fashion style. Apart from acting the multiple award winning actor is also photogenic. This above pictures collage won him a spot in the list.

Yvonne Nelson


The multiple award winning actress is an actress and also a director. she begun her acting carrier with an appearance as the lead role in princess tyra and went on to act in hearts of men, one night in Vegas, not only that she has also directed and acted in movies such as house of gold and if tomorrow never comes. she is one of the few female entrepreneurs you can find in the industry. in this pic she is spotted wearing a black and white fitting straight dress and collages herself along side rihanna an another American celebrity, to show how confident she feels about her beauty. this collage is simply the best so far.

Yvonne Okoro


Yvonne Okoro is a Ghanaian-nigerian actor who’s sexy and beautiful.talent is what is brought to Ghanaian movie industry as she takes on different roles in movies such as Adams Apple, potomanto, contract, and 4play.she was spotted at AMAA 2012 awards in Nigeria we4aring a low cut jovani evening dress to compliment her kurt Geiger heels as she walked on the red carpet, with a banana republic clutch bag.


First acknowledge that his infidelity is a problem in the marriage.
Most women like to sit back helplessly and watch their husbands do what they want because of the fear of getting into a fight when they complain. and this is so because some of them pretend or hope that someday it will get better. but the real truth is if care is not taking they might end up getting too attached to their mistress and in the end could lead to divorce ans sometimes loss of your share of properties you both laboured for.

The next thing to do is to make him know you know.
Most cheating men like their mistresses to be in the dark. they try so hard to make sure their wives do not find out and if it continues without you noticing it helps the affair thrive. once you let him know you know, it becomes hard for him to keep up with what he is doing and eventually he might stop. but the key point to note here is that the manner in which you approach him counts. if you do it in a harsh way you could make things worse.

The third thing to do is to check yourself and your marriage.
Men get married to women who inspire them, challenge them to do more, respect, and are also independent.check if you still do all these things. a lot of women after marriage begin to think the deal is done, once they are married they deceive themselves to think they are not loosing the man. Consciously or subconciously they stop doing all the good things they use to do . they forget their partners birthday, to give him a kiss before work, to help him undress after work, they devote all their time to kids, friends and work. your man needs your attention , give him that and you can win him.
Now its time to to deal with his infedelity, by talking to someone you trust.
Here there is the need to tell someone . but who to tell might be the problem but that person is definitely not your friends or his best friend who is probably aware but couldn’t tell you. the ideal people to confide in is his parents and yours or any family member that he is close to. these people most at times are the ones men respect and would make efforts to satisfy. and ask them to talk to him and ensure that whoever to tell does not deal with him in anger since it could make situations worse.
The next thing to do is to consider your options.
Consider whether your marriage is worth saving? Whether the marriage is good for the kids? Whether the man is willing to change? Whether you can let go of his former mistakes? Whether you can trust him again? How do you deal with the kids if there is a divorce? you need to see hoe well all the above questions can be dealt with perfectly. Here you would probably need counseling from a lot of people, or better still you can seek the advice of an expert say a marriage counselor.
Finally make yourself mentally and emotionally ready for anything.
After all these you still could loose your man so you need to make sure you are well prepared. Ranging from your finances to your sexuality. as you heard into a fight to win your husband you must have a plan and an exit strategy in case the situation doesn’t turn out as you expected. begin to formulate your strategy now so that by the time your husband decides to ask for a divorce ,you would be confident enough to sign those papers without hesitation.

10 ways living in Japan makes you talk like a weirdo

Ampers & Ampers

1. You can’t stop using useful Japanese words.


2. Everything is natsukashii.


3. You forget what words aren’t English.

J34. You simply forget English words.


5. You use Japanese particles in your sentences.


6. You use Japanese English.


7. You talk to yourself in Japanese.


8. Your answers become more vague.


9. You make lame bilingual puns.


10. And lastly, you can’t help yourself.


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What happened to Basketmouth in Ghana (Watch)

Pics: Tiwa Savage & Teebillz dine with Annie & 2face at their home

Mayowa's World


Tiwa Savage and her husband Teebillz had dinner with Annie and 2face at the Idibia home tonight and shared some pics on instagram. See more pics below


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Waje shows off sexy legs in short shorts!

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1 (1)2 (1)

She shared these pics on her instagram page..

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Michael Essien Hmmmmm!!!!

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The Ghanaian footballer posted this hot pic on his instagram page…  Hmmmm!!!

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19-yr-old, who tested HIV-positive after she was gang-raped, seeks justice


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Found this story on The Nation. So heartbreaking. Read below…

 Helen (surname withheld) will be 20 years on October 10. But she now bears a burden that is too heavy for her age. She was gang-raped in January this year and was diagnosed with HIV last month. Due to the heart-rending experience and the medical diagnosis that followed, the once cheerful and vivacious Helen now wears a long face as she carries with her the psychological burden of the experience.

After secondary school in 2008, Helen wanted to further her education, but being the fifth of 11 children comes with its own challenge. “Na the condition of no money, na im prevent me from going further,” said Helen when asked why she had not bothered to continue her education.

Despite her background, Helen was unperturbed. Determined that she would return to school some day, she began working as a…

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Nigerian woman smuggled to the UK to work as sex slave & forced to undergo voodoo to prevent her from running away


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3 members of an international prostitution ring that smuggled a Nigerian woman into the UK to work as a sex slave under the threat of a voodoo curse faced jail yesterday June 13, UK Daily Mail reports

The gang conned the innocent 23-year-old into flying to Heathrow Airport on a bogus passport with the promise of education, a job and a new home.

Before leaving Nigeria, she was raped and forced to go through a black magic ‘juju’ death ritual to prevent her running away.

But when the woman arrived in London, her employment failed to materialize. Instead, she was told she was destined to work as a sex slave in Italy, a court heard.

Convicted: Gang members; Johnson Olayinka (left) and Florence Obadiaru (right). Continue…

The plan was only thwarted when Italian authorities spotted her forged ID and sent her back to the UK.

It is believed the woman…

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