There is this boy i met at a friends house where we both fell  in love soo much, it was love at first sight and when my parent got to know about it, they told me never to see him again and went to the boys parents to warn their son to stay away from me but you know youth of today when they fall in love, nothing can stop them. since cell phones exist we communicate and even some times see each other in day my dad said my grandmother is not feeling well so we will visit her and we will spend only 3 days but i told him we have classes so i would not be able to go with them, because it was about classes he told me to stay but guess what, there was no classes i wanted to see my guy, so the next morning they left and  i was very very happy. I called my guy to come and visit me but he was afraid and i did my best to convince him then he agreed to come. he came around and after eating we went to my my room to watch Romeo and Juliet. whiles watching i asked him if he could do what Romeo did ,he looked into my eyes and said i can do it for you and held my hands whiles holding my hands there was this magnet pulling us closer and  closer then i heard sound of a car. It was my father they were back,then i felt a pull at my leg ,it was my little sister and to my utmost dismay ………… it was a dream.



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