Jim like is too busy with the second season of his show


Earlier Wednesday, it was established that
Nollywood actor Jim Iyke, ain’t the father of
Nadia Buari’s twin babies, as a matter of fact,
it was revealed the former lovers who got
engaged last year, parted ways months back.
Well, YNaija dug a little deeper and spoke to a
few people in the know till we eventually got a
source who was willing to divulge some
information. When asked why Jim Iyke is yet
to react to the “good news” our source who is
part of the crew working with Nollywood actor,
for his next season of the unscripted reality
show, said: “Jim Iyke is busy in Toronto
shooting for his next season of Unscripted
reality show.
He is too busy to have time to react to it, he
is indifferent… he is right now excited about
the shooting and nothing else.” When asked if
he had congratulated the new mum, our
source said “The important thing is that he
wishes her well, he cares about her, that they
are no longer together doesn’t mean they
don’t talk anymore.” When further asked if
Nadia Buari will feature in the next season of
the reality show, we got the response… “Right
now, Nadia has got a bigger responsibility.
This is a very important chapter in her life and
that is what matters.” Asked to tell us about
Nadia Buari’s rumored fiancé, our source said,
“I am sorry, I cannot help with that. You
should ask someone else please.” Meanwhile
Jim Iyke’s Instagram page is presently flooded
with questions from fans asking for
explanations and clarifications on Nadia’s
twin girls.
Some have even gone as far as passing
congratulatory messages.


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