Joselyn Dumas grows up in Juliet Asante movie, Silverain


Film producer, Juliet Asante puts together an
international cast from five different African
countries in which popular TV presenter
Joselyn Dumas finally grows in her casting
roles as she plays Kayayoo in the great new
film, ‘Silverain’.
It stars Enyinaa Nwigwe, Uru Eke (Nigeria),
Michael Bassey (Sierra Leone), Annabel Mbaru
(Kenya), Chumani Pan (South Africa), Elikem
Kumordzi, Kofi Buckner, Ofie Kodjo all from
Romantic movies are too easy for the likes of
Jocelyn so you would be thrilled to see the TV
presenter stretch herself a little bit looking
ordinary, tattered and humbled.
With a movie industry getting tired of banal
romantic movies, Juliet Asante inches up the
industry’s creative bandwidth with a movie
themed around the politics of social exclusion
and laced with a decent whiff of romance.
The movie is woven around a real social
question – What are the chances that an
orphaned teenager living on the streets of
Accra, can claw her way out of poverty without
selling out?
In the movie set in squalors of Accra, Joselyn
played as Ajoa and her kayayoo friends
struggle to make a living while shrugging off
city authorities bent on beautifying the city by
eliminating these sprawling representatives of
Ajoa by some twist of fate claws her plight
into the conscience of the elite son of the
Speaker of Parliament, Bruce played by
Nigerian actor Enyinna Nwigwe.
Initially reluctant, he goes out of his way to
lift the wretched head porter out of crushing
weight of lack so that Ajoa can now live some
distance away from the poverty and want she
has known all her life.
Although jobless, she can now wear fancy
clothes, eat good food and sleep without fear
of mosquitoes or masked robbers and rapists.
But businessman Bruce in pulling out the
street girl may have pulled her a little too far,
as Ajoa gets lodged into a place in his heart,
setting off a drama that rips through deep
friendships, expectant fiancés, big business
and Bruce’s own prospects as heir.
You would have thought that this is one
Cinderella story but you would be wrong, as
Juliet Asante employs some tact and creativity
that leaves you pondering the fate of five great
cast members.
Juliet Asante at a media preview of the film,
said that ‘Silverain’ was inspired by a true
story she personally experienced while trying
to help a kayayoo.
The movie, set to collect some awards sooner
than later, will premiere on the 13th March at
Accra Mall and on the 14th March at West
Hills Mall.
Sir Sam Jonah and Mr. Kwesi Amoafo-Yeboah
are expected to grace the unveiling of the
movie in an Executive premiere on the 27th


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