Doctors treating Kwasi Kyei Darkwah (KKD)
have recommended psychological counselling
for the embattled fashion icon who is standing
trial for rape.
This was after the ace broadcaster failed to
show up in court for the second time running
due to ill health.
His lawyers produced his medical report
before the court to authenticate their claims of
his poor state of health.
However, Starr News’ Wilberforce Asare who
was in court Thursday, reports that the State
prosecutor in-charge of the case, Cynthia
Lamptey was furious over the fact that she
was not given a copy of the medical report
before today’s hearing.
The case has been adjourned to February
State prosecutors have accused KKD of
forcibly having sex with Ewureffe Orleans
Thompson in a hotel washroom, although he
insists the act was consensual.
Even though the 19-year-old lady says she
wants to discontinue the case, and the
accused has also apologised to the lady
publicly, state prosecutors are bent on seeking
legal redress for the alleged crime.
Prosecutors had earlier questioned the
authenticity of that letter purported to have
been written by Ms. Thompson.


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