Reggie Rockstone, Profile


Born in the U.K. on April 11th in the late
1960’s, Rockstone attached himself to the Hip
Hop movement in the early 80’s as a dancer.
Travelling on a tri-continental basis (ie Accra,
New York, London), he broadened his Hip Hop
scope. A natural performer and trained actor,
he grabbed the mike with no problem when
his calling came in 1991.
His first “fifteen minutes of fame” came as a
dancer in Accra, Ghana in the early 80’s. His
second chance of fame came in 1992-93 as
member of one of the top rap groups from
London, England.
He belonged to PLZ (Parables, Linguistics and
Zlang) with Fredi Funkstone, Jay (both from
West Africa) & DJ Pogo of the U.K. Number
one hits from PLZ included “If it Aint PLZ” and
an EP entitled “Build a Wall Around Your
Dreams” released on an independent label
called “Go For the Juggler.”
1994 became the watershed or turning point
in his entertainment career. The rap scene in
London was not rewarding enough. He
returned to Accra to encounter a whole
generation of people grooving to African-
American rythms, all heavily influenced by the
same elements of Hip Hop that he knew all
too well.
He had an ingenious idea! Use the hip hop
beats with authentic phat production and lace
it with true African dialect; The Akan language
of Twi.
It became the tool to make such butter
classics as “Sweetie, Sweetie”, “Tsoo Boi”,
“Nightlife in Accra” and “Agoo” from his debut
album in 1997 entitled “Makaa! Maka!” –
translated as “I said it and that’s that!”.
Launched on an independent label called
KASSA RECORDS that he partly owns, Reggie
Rockstone has reached Ghanaians and non-
Ghanaians across four continents.
The pioneer of rap music in local dialect in
Ghana. His specialty is Asante Twi. He is well-
versed in English. He has international
acclaim and has performed in many places
such as West Africa, UK, France, USA &
Switzerland. His videos are aired as far as
South Africa on M-Net’s 24 hr music television
station, Channel ‘O’ which has an audience of
millions across a large part of Africa (44
countries!). He has his own extensive website
with Realaudio and MP3 files which includes
a guestbook with hits from all over the world.
His new album was released in July 2000. It
is called “ME KA (I will Say!). This is a 7 song
EP, with a second part due at the end of
January 2001. The official Rockstone site will
be updated. (See bottom). The majority of his
tracks were produced by veteran Hip Hop
trooper; Rab ‘The International’ Bakari
The album ‘Makaa, Maka!’ featured members
from the PLZ crew (see down this page). The
singles from this album did well on the local
market and received international attention.
Its follow-up, the single ‘Plan Ben?’ in Twi
language was released as a cassette/cd single
and features Root-I who’s into ragga. Hot
singles off his 1st album Makaa Maka (97):
‘Tsoo Boi’ (‘Choo-bu-eh’, similar to hey, ho!),
Agoo! (ah-goh) (a Twi call of announcement);
Nightlife In Accra; ‘Anigye Be Fie’ (ah-nee-
jeh-beh fee-eh), ‘Sweetie, Sweetie’ and ‘My
Turn To Burn’ which featured Fredi Funkstone
Hot singles from ‘Me Na Me Kae’ (1999):
‘Keep Your Eyes on The Road’; Eye Mo De
Anaa (eh-yeh-muh-deh ah-naah); ‘Plan Ben
?'(What Plan?) ‘Different you, Different Me’, ‘Ya
Bounce Wo Visa’;(They have bounced your
visa). Songs like ‘Eye Mo De Anaa’ (Is it Sweet
to Y’all) cleverly sample Fela’s 1977 hit –
‘Shakara’ and ‘Keep Your Eyes On The Road’
uses a very famous 1970’s highlife tune by
Alhaji K. Frimpong. English cuts like ‘Walk
Like an African’ and ‘Where I’m From’ showed
the true versatility of Rockstone’s skills. The
lyrics are deep. He even touched on the issue
of abortion, where he supported the birth;
Triple S wanted the abortion and her homegirl
(C.A.B.) coaxed her to ‘get rid’ of the
pregnancy. Of course this is not true; but it
was cleverly acted out on record by these
three talented emcees.
PLZ (Parables, Linguistics and Zlang) was the
UK based group that Reggie Rockstone was in
before moving on to a solo carreer; other
members were Dj Pogo and Fred Funkstone.
Number one hits from PLZ included “If it Aint
PLZ” and an EP entitled “Build a Wall Around
Your Dreams” released on an independent
label called “Go For the Juggler.” PLZ
contributed to the PANAFEST festival in Ghana
in 1994. UK magazine HHC reported: “As they
performed their turntable set-up broke down.
They decided to continue to perform with live
percussion provided by highlife-group Marriots
International. Then they started to freestyle in
Twi, something that was totally new to them.
The way in which the crowd reacted to the use
of their native language, made them think of
incorporating more ‘African’ elements in their
Unfortunately; his popular website at was recently
shut down due to a company buyout of the
hosting server in Accra. They are currently
looking for a new server to upload his updated
website which probably will be: The website was a
wealth of information for Ghanaians and non-
Ghanaians across the globe. Most people were
probably introduced to the Hip Hop movement
taking place in Ghana through this portal. It
had a guest-book which became a battle
ground for player-haters and supporters of
Rockstone. He had free MP3 files; RealVideo
clips; lyrics and even a page to order his
merchandise such a CDs; cassettes; posters &
If you heard some noise about ‘The Mapouka
Dance’ or him sampling Manu Dibango’s ‘Soul
Makossa’ then that’s some hits from his new


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