I have balls for new music


Multiple hit recording artist, Kontihene on
e.TV’sThe Late Nite Celebrity Show talked
about his Yaa Pono featured D3d33d3 and
having the balls to record songs he can relate
to now.
The Esi rapper answering Giovani’s question
on why he switched the content of his music
to storytelling and good content said;
“These days you sound like an old man if you
try to advice someone. If you want to put out
music that will last; an instance is Asesa,
which is sixteen years old but I can still relate
to. But I have some songs that I can’t relate
to today, I wouldn’t be proud to even perform
them myself. I have a song that I don’t want
to even hear now because the messages are
not relevant to me today. Some of the songs
that I use to write, record and perform, I can’t
relate to them now.
“Don’t get me wrong, they were all good
songs back then but if you have a good song
with good content, years will come and go and
the messages will still be relevant. That’s why,
a lot of people still listen to Bob Marley
because the message is still relevant.
“These days we want to dance and the more
you prolong on dishing out good messages.
People don’t want to hear it.
“But I have big balls and I want to put
relevant messages into my music.” He
Musician Kontihene has hinted of a new song
he is set to release sometime this week.
Born, Emmanuel Nana Appiah, the award-
winning musician has remained relevant in the
Ghanaian music industry since the release of
his smash hit, Aketesia, in the early 2000s.
Kontihene, also affectionately called #Ohene,
has asked fans and music lovers to get ready
for his latest hit this week.
An excited #Ohene took to his Facebook page
to give details of the song titled #Dedeede.
#Dedeede will be released just in time for the
Valentine’s Day and it’s set to rule the
According to him, the video for the song is
almost ready and would be released as soon
as possible.
Kontihene is one of the finest performers in
Ghana and adjudged one of the best
performers in Ghana in 2014 after his
impressive performances on numerous
platforms during the Christmas and New Year.
He has promised fans and music lovers a year
of good music and is set to deliver more
astounding performances in 2015.


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