say no to drugs. Kwaw Kesse


Ghana’s King of Street, Kwaw Kesse,
affectionately called “Abodam” has appealed
to Ghanaians to abstain from narcotic drugs
in order to avoid any jail term.
In an exclusive interview on Peace FM’s
Entertainment Review with host Kwame Adjetia
Adjei, Kwaw Kesse bemoaned his remand in
the Kumasi Central Prisons, stressing that life
in prison should not be desired.
According to him, the number of days and
weeks he spent in prison taught him a lesson
that “prison is not a place for a human being
to be.”
This he explained is due to the harsh living
conditions in Ghana’s prisons.
He recounted that while in prison, he was
denied the privilege of having a sound sleep
but for certain individuals who adored him as
a “music icon” in the nation; he would have
also missed his bathing sessions.
He also told the host that the situation in
prison transcend human imagination since
some in-mates have to squeeze themselves a
room, which was initially made for 10 people,
but houses about 74 people; just to catch
some sleep.
Abodam further expressed worry over the way
of living in the prison, asserting that the in-
mates as well as the warders are equally
prone to some chronic diseases.
He therefore appealed to government and
human right activists in the country to ensure
that the prisons are renovated and kept proper
for the prisoners.
“If the government can, it should keep that
place clean a bit because it is human beings
that are there. They’re not animals, so they
can also feel a bit at home.”
He added that during his incarceration in the
Kumasi Central Prison in Ashanti Region, he
advised the in-mates to let their experiences
in prison reform their conduct when they come
back into the society.
“I was telling them that you people should try,
when you’re set free, to do something that can
help you,” he said.
Kwaw Kesse also wants the youth and the
entire nation to say “no” to consumption of
narcotic drugs.
“I will use my experience to preach to the
people out there that even if it’s ice water you
will sell to earn a living, because where I went
had several armed robbers; others too do not
know what they did to be incarcerated but if
they can, they should try and stay away from


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