Shatta Wale Rendered A Fake Apology ,Kaakie


Female dancehall musician Kaakie, has
spoken publicly about an apology rendered to
her by Shatta Wale, after the later hurled
insults on her over an award she won in 2013.
Rendered some two years ago, Wale
apologised for a tirade of invectives he hurled
at the young lady after she beat him to an
award at the 2013 Ghana Music Awards.
Kaakie, who was good under the year in
review, won the award for Reggae Dancehall
Song of the Year for the song ‘Tofee Pon
Tongue’, much to Wale’s chagrin, who was
hoping to win with ‘Shatta City’.
He subsequently took to social media and
launched a scathing attack on her person – in
a way many thought was uncouth.
He posted: “F*** Kaakie who can’t even write
her own music and f*** her smelling p****… I
know how they did this. But trust me, we know
how to handle this.”
He later apologized – and released a song in
July 2013 to validate his plea for forgiveness.
She refused to comment on it publicly until
she was asked on radio this morning.
Kaakie, who just returned from a well
patronized show in Gabon, said she thinks the
apology lacks an element of sincerity, insisting
it feels awkward to go to a place and hear the
song being played all over again.
She told Pluzz FM ‘s entertainment show,
Friday that a more fitting apology would be
for Wale to tell her in the face about how truly
sorry he was.


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