Germany and Ghana collaborates to end dumsor

Germany has pledged massive support for
Ghana’s energy and education sector, a way
of fostering bilateral ties between the two
German Chancellor, Angela Merkel revealed
this after holding a closed-door talks with
visiting Ghanaian President John Dramani
According to her, the two key areas were part
of the broader issues touched on during their
discussions and the need for support was
Government has been struggling to meet the
energy needs in the country despite various
interventions including the use of gas.
Addressing a joint press briefing the two
leaders indicated that the talks between them
centered not only on Ghana but also on
issues that affect the African continent as a
Angela Merkel affirmed how Germany is
prepared to support Ghana in the areas of
technical and vocational education and
renewable energy solutions.
She was optimistic that such support if
coordinated would yield maximum benefits
especially in the area of energy where Ghana
currently is facing huge challenges adding that
“for Ghana it is providing electricity and
electricity supplies which is of the greatest
importance and we have been talking about
making contribution towards developing
renewable energy.”
She said, “We value the partnership with
Ghana and it is a friendly one” saying “Ghana
is a good democracy and good partner in
West Africa. Our tides in the field of
Development Corporation are very close and
we will also corporate closely in the economic
On his part, President Mahama who expressed
gratitude to the Chancellor for the invitation
explained how necessary it is for Ghana to
collaborate with Germany in enhancing
technical education and Energy provision.
“On the bilateral corporation level we have
strong corporation in the area of energy and
renewable power and KFW is financing several
projects in Ghana in the way of energy. We are
working with KFW to increase the power we
get from solar energy into Ghana’s
transmission grid,” he said.
President Mahama further indicated that
Ghana is a lower income country, he was
expressed that the country is progressing into
a middle income status “and we are seeing a
strong demand for skilled professionals in
terms of technical experience and so we want
to see how vocational and technical training
can be strengthened in order that we are able
to produce more middle level manpower.”

Source: citifmonline.


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