Bokoum Banku and I have no future fights,Ayittey Powers


Boxer cum comedian, Michael Aryee Aryitey,
also known as Ayitey Powers, has promised
not to fight his friend, Braimah Kamoko a.k.a
Bukom Banku again.
His reason, he said, stems from the fact that
they hardly make a substantial amount of
money from boxing bouts.
He cited incidents in which he had to chase
several promoters for his money after boxing
bouts with Bukom Banku.
The two Bukom based boxers shot to fame in
the first quarter of 2014 after their twice
rescheduled boxing bout became the toast of
When the bout finally came on, it was Bukom
Banku who emerged as the winner, sweeping
away the price money at stake.
This has led to conclusions that Ayitey Powers
is never a match for Bukom Banku but he
insists he is just determined not to fight with
his ‘new friend’ again.
“Bukom Banku and me, we are now very close
and we would not like to fight each other
because we don’t get anything from our
fights…,” he told Adom fm’s Kofi Adomah
Nwanwani in an interview.

Source : ghanaweb


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