Youtube paid for my nude photos,SisterDeborah


Deborah Vanessa Owusu, commonly known in
entertainment circles as Sister Debbie, has
revealed posting her nudes was a “business
The ‘Uncle Obama’ singer who said she has
been paid $8,000 for her YouTube views last
year posted a nude picture on her personal
Twitter page with the caption “tag a friend
who will be happy to come home to me”.
The ‘Borla’ hitmaker who has always insisted
she posted the nudes “because she is free and
willing to do whatever” said her decision to
post it was influenced by her quest to get
more social media visibility.
“I thought that me ‘koraa’ my Youtube views
were slowing down so I thought let’s get some
views,” she stated in an interview with
Morning Starr host Kafui Dey on Friday.
Sister Debbie dares to expose the hypocrisy of
the Ghanaian standards and culture in most of
her dealings.
She explained that many “boys” enjoyed
looking at her nudes.
“The photographer that took this picture said
‘ooo Debbie I’m putting this on my Instagram
and we put other ones on his Instagram and
there was no’, well I did have backlash for one
with my palm on my vejayjay. And then some
people who follow him picked it up and were
Tweeting you know…positive tweet. Things like
Oo I’m going to watch this and sleep tonight…
So everything was positive, boys were excited”



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