I feed my Dogs With Gari,Funny Face


Comedian Funny Face passed through The
Late Nite Celebrity Show on e.TV to promote
his upcoming series Cow and Chicken with
Bismark the Joke.
The standup comedian and actor talking about
his love for dogs and caring for them
“I have fourteen dogs and that’s the mistake
that can happen to any man. When you make
money, think. I didn’t think about it at all.
“I did not put their feeding and health into
consideration because the other day I was
with Yaya Toure, Adebayor and Didier Drogba
talking about dogs. As the conversation got
exciting I was carried away forgetting I was
not making their kind of money.
“Yaya Toure showed us his dogs, he has eight
of them. He asked if I liked dogs and I said
The SwaaGon Entertainment CEO on feeding
all the fourteen dogs joked:
“Initially I was giving them Papaye because
business was booming until business slowed
down and I started feeding them Gari…I have
Smoke, Gypsy, Spider, Gucci, Snow, Wind,
Fluffy, Lieutenant and others.


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