Auto-Tune will destroy “creative” Black African artistes – Gramps Morgan


Gramps Morgan of the internationally
acclaimed Morgan Heritage, has advised
Ghanaian and black musicians in general
against using the audio editing tool-Auto-
Tune, to power their music careers.
Gramps who was on the Morning Starr with
Kafui Dey Thursday morning said black
musicians are very talented and capable of
producing great music without the help of a
computer software.
“I think it destroyed the American music
industry and it’s beginning to affect black
music, especially Reggae Dancehall African
music… I am saying, you can use Auto-tune
but a little bit. And when it reaches to that
point, I know a lot of creative people,
artistically are from Africa where it has fed
over into the children, into the diaspora, into
the hip hop music, R&B music, reggae music,”
said Morgan.
Auto-Tune creators, in a description of the
software published on their website, “correct
intonation and timing problems in vocals or
solo instruments, without distortion or
artifacts, while preserving all of the expressive
nuance of the original performance – with
audio quality so pristine that the only
difference between what goes in and what
comes out is the intonation and timing.
All with a user-interface that is a model of
clarity, speed and ease-of-use”.
Meanwhile, artistes like Gramps Morgan and a
few others including U.S rapper Jay-Z
disagree and believe it will be the death of
creativity and natural talent.
“This is destroying the creative energy and the
development of real singers. So after a while
when we start to lose the Stevie Wonders and
begin to lose the great singers what is going
to happen to black music? We’re going to be
in trouble,” he bemoaned.
The Wash The Tears singer added “We
[haven’t] started to using computer and it’s
changing the artistic value in music and I’m
saying let’s not have it here in Africa, let not
have it in the Carribean too much. Sing man!
Sing on! Sing from your heart!”
Gramps Morgan is a member of the popular
Morgan Heritage band and with a flourishing
solo career as reggae singer.
He is visiting Ghana and will be performing
live at the Django Bar in Cantonments, Friday
January 16, 2014.


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