second Baby Choir master and Beverly Afaglo

Celebrity couple, Choirmaster and actress,
Beverly Afaglo, seem to have a tussle on when
to have a second child after the first daughter,
Violin, born two years ago.
The Ghana’s Most Beautiful singer who has
been married since April 2012 said he is ready
for a new baby but his wife thinks it’s too
early for another because she wants to get her
shapely figure back.
“Our people say that, a slap that is yours is
better received early. Why the delay when we
will definitely need more babies in our home?”
Choirmaster said in an interview with Showbiz
last Monday.
According to him, even though having another
baby is his wish, he has no choice but to
convince his wife to grant him the “request”.
“Her job as an actress requires that she must
have the right timing before giving birth so I
perfectly understand her stance and what it
entails to be an actress. So this is not a
command but a passionate appeal,” he said
He continued, “I wanted us to have another
baby when Violin turned one but I thought
that will be selfish on my part if I didn’t seek
her consent. But, what is the point in waiting?
I think the earlier the better so that she can
have all the time after child bearing to enjoy
life to her satisfaction. I don’t think it is a bad
idea at all,” he said.
Even though Choirmaster couldn’t give the
number of children he would want to have
when the question was put to him, he was
quick to remark, “I don’t mind two or three. I
love kids too and would love to have more but
that will be to the agreement of my wife. We
are not God, anything can happen but I can’t
look into the future,” he said.
Many celebrity marriages have hit the rocks,
an issue that have generated doubts among
the public about the survival of such
marriages but Choirmaster believes every
marriage, irrespective of those involved can
suffer the same fate.
He, however, admitted that being a celebrity
denies you of a private life and always have
your family issues in the public so even when
there is a little problem; it is blown out of
“I admit that marriage can be challenging. It’s
about two people from different backgrounds
coming together to live under one roof for the
rest of their lives.
“I have always thanked God for the kind of
woman I have as a wife. She is quite mature
and knows how to handle her home as a wife.
Sincerely, I’ve always admired her contribution
to issues and interest in my career. I pray it
continues this way till the end,” he stated.
Away from family issues, Choirmaster also
touched on how he is building his career as a
solo artiste after the demise of the Praye
group last year. His song, Ghana’s Most
Beautiful, earned him a nomination at last
year’s 4Syte Music Video Awards.
Since then, he has worked his way to remain
relevant on the music scene and told Showbiz
that, he is gradually finding his stand as a
solo artiste.
Source: peacefm


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