KKD not free yet,Lawyer


State prosecutors are waiting for Attorney
General’s direction on how to proceed with the
rape charges against entertainment icon Kwesi
Kyei Darkwah (KKD) after the chief witness
withdrew the case from court.
The alleged victim, Ewuraffe Orleans
Thompson, formally wrote to notify the
Magistrates Court of her withdrawal of the
case on Monday January 12, citing fierce
media repot of the case as one of the reasons.
ASP Afia Tenge told Joy News the Attorney
General’s Department would have to be
brought in the matter.
“Once she has said she is not interested in
this case whatever letter she has brought to
the police we have to refer it to the Attorney
General because the docket [on the case] is
already at the Attorney General’s office…I am
sure we have done that [sent the letter to the
Attorney General]. We are waiting for the
Attorney General’s advice”, said ASP Tenge.
ASP Tenge however refused to disclose details
of investigations and facts gathered so far by
the police on the alleged rape case.
A lawyer and Lecturer at the Ghana Law
School has said the state has the final say on
the rape case.
Opoku Adusei said in criminal matters the
accused is deemed to have committed the
offence against the state and it is only the
state that can decide to or not to prosecute
the case.
Meanwhile KKD has apologised to the alleged
rape victim for the public ridicule and disgrace
his action has caused her.
In a letter dated January 12, 2014 he begged
for God’s forgiveness and further appealed to
the media to spare the two families any
further agonies.
Source: Joy Online


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