KKD Freed


The denouement of the much-publicized Kwasi
Kyei Darkwah (KKD) alleged rape saga is
finally at hand; but perhaps it will be an anti-
climax to what many expected.
Peacefmonline.com understands that Miss
Ewuraffe Orleans Thompson, the lady at the
centre of the rape charge against the
broadcaster says she is no longer interested in
the case.
She is said to have described as insensitive,
the “media frenzy” that followed the arrest of
the Ghanaian entertainment icon and
unending social media buzz about the case,
and thus wants to put the whole saga behind
her and reorganise her life.
According to the alleged rape victim, since the
unfortunate news went viral, it has been
difficult for her to appear in public and cannot
stand finger-pointing and muted gossips.
“God will give me justice,” she said.
Miss Orleans-Thompson says going the full-
hog will only worsen her plight and believes
her God will heal and comfort her, because she
has started undergoing counselling from
church elders.
The 19 year old victim conveyed her
disinterest and desire to see the charges
dropped in a two-page letter dated 12 of
January, addressed to the Director of Public
Prosecutions at the Attorney-General’s
The letter to discontinue the case was also
copied to the Chief Justice, the Registrar of
the High Court and the top hierarchy of the
Ghana Police service.
Peacefmonline understands that the victim,
together with her father, went to the Airport
Police station on Tuesday and served a copy
of the letter on the police.
What is unclear however, is whether the state
will subsequently drop all charges against the
ace broadcaster who has been in police
custody since December 28, 2014.
Some legal luminaries say the Attorney
General (AG) may consider the request of the
lady but that the final decision as to whether
to discontinue with the case or allow it to
travel the full hog, will be influenced by the
evidence available to the AG or the Police.

Source: peaceonline


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