Deborah Vanessa talks about her father’s reaction


Uncle Obama hitmaker Deborah Vanessa was
on e.TV’s The Late Nite Celebrity Show to talk
music, fashion and how her father, who is a
reverend, is handling all her antics.
The controversial figure revealed, her father,
after hearing her smash hit Uncle Obama
called her and her brother Wanlov to register
his dissatisfaction.
“When I released the Uncle Obama song he
called my brother and me and said he wasn’t
really happy about the song so we tried to
explain to him that when a child heard it, they
wouldn’t be able to process it like an adult
would. So it was one’s maturity level that will
determine how deep you could understand the
lyrics because there was no vulgar and illicit
words and children are innocent to process it
to that level. So he understood and he said
next time I should try and do a different kind
of song.”
In December 2013, the designer cum
songstress walked the red carpets of Channel
O with a revealing dress and her dad
registered his disappointment once again via
a long text message.
“Another thing he complained about that I
remember very well was the dress I wore to
the Chanel O awards. He wrote a very long
text message – about three paragraphs which
will equal three text telling me how he knew I
was intelligent, from a good home, well
educated, and things like that and shouldn’t
be following Lady Gaga and Rihanna of the
world. And whoever asked me to wear that
dress was a hypocrite but truth of the matter
is I don’t follow or copy other people.”


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