Relationships you must stay away from

A toxic relationship is a poisonous
relationship, it could harm you in various
ways and such a relationship isn’t really good
for anyone.
Toxic relationships are everywhere, people find
themselves in these kinds of relationships and
still don’t know how to leave it for various
reasons; but it doesn’t change the fact that a
toxic relationship isn’t good for anybody.
Below are 8 kinds of toxic relationships people
find themselves in:
Domestic violence happens a lot in many
marriages and relationships, but this is really
toxic relationship in every sense of the word.
A partner (most likely the female partner) that
suffers from domestic violence lives in fear
and terror; a little mistake or even just a word
from her could lead to her partner pouncing
on her with the fury of a lion; such a
relationship wouldn’t only affect your body
but your mind as well. They are toxic.
This is also another common kind of toxic
relationship but people pay more attention to
domestic violence and little or nothing is
heard about the relationship with verbal
abuse. Words could be very harmful in a
relationship, they could sting in a way even
physical abuse can’t, and the impact of this
leaves lasting memories.
A relationship where love doesn’t exist
shouldn’t even exist in the first place. A
relationship should be built on the fact that
two people who actually love each other come
together to have that special union. When love
doesn’t exist in a relationship, other harmful
things which shouldn’t exist in a relationship
would take the place of love.
A relationship with an unfaithful partner is
also toxic. Such a relationship can leave the
other partner hurt, heartbroken and frustrated;
unfaithfulness defies the trust that should
exist in a relationship. Also an unfaithful
relationship could even leave the faithful
partner with a chance of contracting HIV or
other forms of STD’s, and that’s extremely
A relationship where a partner is taken for
granted actually hurts, and this is found in not
just relationships but even in marriages. When
you are being taken for granted by your
partner, it creates a feeling which might go on
to affect other areas of your life. It’s toxic
because it leaves such a partner hurt,
demoralized and even depressed.
A relationship filled with lies is a toxic one;
lies and deceit could kill the trust, love and
passion in a relationship. Lies and deceit is a
betrayal of a partner’s feelings and emotion.
When you can’t trust your partner, how then
can the relationship grow?
Selfishness or self-centeredness is a trait that
shouldn’t exist in a relationship. When a
relationship involves a partner or even both
partners that base the relationship on just
themselves then anything terrible could
happen in such relationship. Relationship
partners should be ready to sacrifice for their
partner and anything other than that is toxic.
A relationship without passion is a
relationship without life. Passion makes a
relationship thick, it makes love glow and
leaves romance burning. When there is a lack
or decline in passion then the relationship
would be so ordinary, and there is nothing
really to write home about a passionless
These kinds of relationships are termed toxic
because they are unhealthy and not good for
Would you describe your relationship as
healthy or toxic?



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