Rape is a serious subject, Lydia Forson


If you were waiting for the outspoken Lydia
Forson to say anything on the subject, then
you are in for a disappointment. She wrote on
her faebook page the following:
A lot of people are on my case for not publicly
giving my views in this issue. First of all, I’m
not obligated to always have an opinion about
everything, and even if I do, I’m still under no
obligation to share it.
In this case especially where it’s extremely
sensitive, I have to proceed with caution.
I never write unless I’m absolutely sure of
what I want to say. Contrary to what people
may say, I don’t have the “I need to comment
on every issue to stay relevant” syndrome.
I empathize with the victim if it’s true, and
understand what she may be doing through,
trust me I do. And I know many other women
have and continue to suffer in silence. It is a
very frightening road that many have had to
walk alone due to the shame and public
persecution that often comes out of speaking
To the alleged offender, I equally sympathize,
because there’s nothing worse than a false
accusation. I have also been there, where
you’re judged before you’re given the chance
to say your side. The damage some of these
allegations can do is irreparable.
Either way someone’s life will be ruined
forever because of this.
So I don’t want to talk about the “alleged”
victim or the “alleged” offender in question. I’ll
let the police and investigators do their job.
Because to be fair, regardless of what anyone
may say we weren’t there and no matter how
much we may hate or love any of the people
involved in this case only the two backed by
concrete evidence can actually tell us the
I’d rather talk about something else in relation
to this.
Let’s talk about our attitude towards the
whole idea of “rape”. How we react to the
victim, the offender and the events leading up
to the “act”.
Rape is a very difficult subject which can start
a long debate. It isn’t about how the victims
looks, his/her willingness to be in the
presence of her attacker, his/her background,
his/her lifestyle or his/her past. It’s basically
boils down to consent . And even in that a
victim can say yes, and has the right to
change his/her mind. If by making that known
to the person, he/she proceeds to force
himself/herself on the other party, it’s RAPE.
Now I understand how confusing this maybe,
trust me, even for the victims themselves they
often question if they have been raped or not
due to some of these factors. alleged
A lot of their attackers, in most cases
genuinely believe it was consensual,because
the big question often put out there is” why
were you in his/her presence “?( Watch for
Coloured Girls)
Especially in a society where no, always
means a maybe , or a slow yes, or a I really
want to do this but I don’t want you to think
I’m a slut so I’ll say no, but hope you’ll push
further until I have no choice but to agree,yes.
The statements from some of you, especially
the “educated” “know it all” “social media
activists” and ” I have the need to be heard ”
people is not only frightening but sad. You
would think we would be more objective and
less sentimental.
I’ve always argued that if you get in trouble in
the country, your sentence basically boils
down to whether people like you or not.
If you’re liked, your actions will be justified.
If you’re not liked, let’s just say you will be
sentenced to public court,tried, convicted and
completely humiliated to the point that prison
will seem like a luxury.
So lesson here… Make sure you’re liked at all
You better like me


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