My Facisl piercing and source of wealth


R2Bees Entertainment artist, Criss Waddle
was on The Late Nite Celebrity Show on e.TV
to promote his three singles Real BadMen ,
P3p33p3 and Forgeti Obia.
The rapper answering a fan’s question on
having his upper lips pierced, the rapper
answered in the negative but revealed;
“I don’t have piercings on my upper lips. I
used to have a Lil Wayne piercing but now its
TuPac level – when Pac had this on, everyone
knew he was gangster. People get this
piercing thing all twisted, truth is, it’s all
The rapper who appeared on the show looking
all dapper clearly wasn’t on to talk about his
cash and made it clear:
“I don’t want to talk about money now, I’m
tired of talking about money. I’m living the
dream right now. I was in the car with my
manager and reminiscing how we talked about
having three to four songs out and them all
popping. Real BadMen , P3p33p3 and Forgeti
Obia are my jams they are doing well. I have
my forth one is on its way with Nigerian artist
featuring, 2015 is my year.
Answering Giovani’s question on why it took
him a time to come back after his Ayi song
“I do a lot of stuff beside music but I knew
after Ayi I had to impress my fans with my
next project.
Answering a fan’s question about the source
of his wealth, the Real BadMen rapper
“I be plumber for America. I dey repair pipes.”
The Late Nite Celebrity Show airs on Monday,
Wednesday and Friday at 9.30PM.
YFMOnline/abdullai isshak


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