KKD CASE: Court awaits Attorney General’s Advice


A Kaneshie District Court, presided over by
Mrs Adwoa Akyaamaa Ofosu, has adjourned to
January 22, the case involving Kwasi Kyei
Darkwah, a.k.a KKD, to enable the prosecution
to seek advice from the Attorney General’s (A-
G) Department.
The Broadcaster is being held in police
custody for allegedly raping a 19-year old
The accused person, whose second
appearance in court saw him wearing blue
long sleeves shirt with a cream pair of
trousers to march, was calm.
Mr Tony Forson, one of the counsels for the
accused person, told the court that, his client
had filed an application for bail at the Human
Rights Court.
He said the matter could not be heard
because the A-G said they were served late on
Tuesday, so they could not respond to it,
therefore, the case has been adjourned to
January 13.
Assistance Commissioner of Police (ACP)
Moses Atibilla also told the court that the
case being held in the district court was just
the beginning of the case and not a trial.
He said the prosecution had sent the
duplicate docket to the A-G awaiting their
advice on the case.
Presenting the facts to the court, ACP Atibilla
told the court earlier that the complainant was
a 19-year old lady student.
He said on December 27, at about 1930 hours,
there was an event called “RIP the RUNWAY
Fashion Show”, organised at the African
Regent Hotel, which the complainant attended
with her cousin.
He said when the two arrived at the show, they
met the accused person in front of the hotel
and after the exchanges of pleasantries and
attractions, they walked into the lobby where
the accused person introduced them to his
The prosecution said the complainant and the
cousin took a few pictures with the accused
person, his cousin, and other men.
ACP Atibilla said the accused person who
admired the height of the complainant, asked
her and her cousin to accompany them to the
hotel room to apply powder on his face before
the show, since he would be on stage and
before the TV cameras.
“The complainant and the accused took one of
the lifts to the third floor of the hotel and
went into the hotel room together with her
cousin and the accused’s cousin,” he added.
He said whilst there, the accused called the
complainant to come and help him do the
make up in the washroom, which she obliged
and entered the washroom leaving the two in
the living room.
He said the accused forcibly had sex with the
complainant in the washroom and a report
was made to the police and medical form
issued to her to attend hospital.
When the accused was arrested, he denied the
offence and stated that the complainant gave
her consent and that he did not force her.
Source: GNA


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