Juliet Ibrahim lashes out at those condemning her for being single


Actress Juliet Ibrahim has unleashed her
anger on people who keep talking about her
being single.
The actress took to Instagram to tell ladies
who keep attacking her for staying single to
mind their business.
The actress in her post, said, being with a
man does not mean he is not cheating on
“This a big shout out to all females who think
they hv an opinion about my single life or not
so single life lol! Ladies before u choose to
advise another lady who chose to be single
based on personal experiences think twice!
“BeCus u are in a relationship with Ur man
doesn’t mean dat nigga isn’t on Instagram or
Twitter chatting up and flirting with other
chicks! Doesn’t mean when u travel to work or
go to work some desperate chick isn’t asking
him if he needs company and doesn’t mean
they won’t hook up behind Ur back! Doesn’t
mean he isn’t online religiously checking out
some other girl who is posting only photos
and videos of her bum or boobs to simply
entertain guys like him!
“Doesn’t mean he isn’t spending on another
girl taking her on trips whilst U sit home and
baby sit his kids! Doesn’t mean he isn’t
sleeping around wit some chick unprotected
and she is also planning on hving his babies
to chop some of what u are chopping! Keep Ur
opinions to urself wen u don’t know why
others choose to be single and wait for the
right man who will respect her for her worth!
“Independent ladies don’t hv time for jerks,
opportunists, gold diggers, mommy and
daddy’s boys, losers, and jokers so Til I meet
my soulmate, U guys shld go and worry about
Ur very own relationships! #deuces


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