Ghanaian celebrity arrested for Fraud and Drugs


He was a smooth-talking, self-made celebrity
tailor with a champagne lifestyle to match.
Leslie Danso kitted out his famous clients for
red carpet film premieres, TV shows and
society weddings.
He posed for pictures with actor Idris Elba and
his customers included former England
footballer Emile Heskey and ex-Premier
League star Fabrice Muamba.
Many received free clothes in return for the
publicity that their appearances in the
spotlight inevitably created. But none of them
knew that, behind his smiles, Danso was a
ruthless fraudster and illegal immigrant who
used false identities to rent properties across
the capital – which were turned into
underworld drug dens.
His boutique near London’s Tower Bridge was
a vanity venture funded by his life of crime,
and he even fraudulently leased six top-of-
the-range BMWs.
The Ghanaian now faces being deported – for
the second time – after he was jailed for fraud
and using counterfeit documents.
Scotland Yard remains unsure if Danso is his
true identity, and believes that many of his
victims have yet to come forward.
Danso, 39, posed as the dapper proprietor of
Qumi Couture, a bespoke menswear store. On
his website, he described himself as ‘ever the
sharp dresser’ and ‘a man going places’.
His shop outfitted clients for racing at Ascot
and gala dinners, and his tailoring even
featured in the pages of GQ Magazine.
But it all collapsed after police uncovered a
chain of drug safe-houses rented in false
names across south-east London.
In 2013 they found two flats in Rotherhithe
rented under the fake names George Branson
and Adam Smith.
At one, they found crack cocaine, heroin,
cannabis, cash and ammunition, and at the
second a man was caught red-handed cutting
up heroin.
Investigators learned that Danso had rented
both flats and also used the names Kevin
Walters and Kevin Reece.
Eventually, police linked him to at least eight
safe-houses in central London and affluent
suburbs such as Sidcup and Bexleyheath.
Last May he was arrested at his luxury four-
bedroom home in Dartford, Kent, where his
designer clothes filled the entire loft
The same day, officers found cash and more
than a kilo of heroin and crack at a flat he
rented in Bermondsey.
Danso came to Britain in 1999, but was
thrown out in 2008 in a deal struck by
prosecutors after he was arrested over credit
card fraud.
He returned just months later and set up
Qumi, first as a designer and later as a
Danso failed to pay rent and bills at the rented
properties, including his Tower Bridge
showroom. Some were stripped bare, and their
fittings may have been sold on eBay or
shipped abroad.
Photographs found on his computer suggest
Danso bought properties in Ghana.
Victims said that he was ‘well-educated,
smooth-talking and arrogant’, and he begged
police not to tell anyone about his arrest –
while boasting that other inmates in Belmarsh
Prison were in ‘awe’ of his clothes.
DC Jenny Woodward, who led the inquiry, said
she had no doubt that other victims have yet
to come forward.
She said: ‘He clearly lived the life. He loved
flash cars and opening events. He was very
proud that he did the tailoring for the wedding
of a famous footballer.’
Danso claimed he did not know the rented
flats were used to store drugs, and was not
charged with any offences linked to the raids.
But he was jailed for 14 months after
admitting 11 counts of fraud and
manufacturing and possession of false
documents at a hearing last month.
The judge at Woolwich Crown Court ordered
two counts of theft to remain on file.
His cousin Manfred Gaisie, 34, of Stirling,
admitted three counts of fraud and was
handed 140 hours of community service.
Two other men, both 27, were jailed for three
years for drugs offences.
Source: Mail Online


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