8 things women desperately want from men


Well, what women want still remains the
unanswered question across the globe.
However, men needn’t lose hope for all is not
lost. There are still a good number of things
that most women like. Here are a few from the
long list which can perhaps help you make her
fall head over heels in love with you. Take
your pick to woo and sweep her off her feet!
Superman: Women love to be protected. So
show in more ways than one to prove that you
will be her saviour should your damsel land in
distress! Women are always in awe of men
who can step up in times of conflicts. Be sure
you grab every opportunity that situation
throws at you.
Smell good: Deodorant Ads may be going
overboard showing men being lured by
women’s perfume. But the other way is also
true. Choose a deo that suits you. Especially if
it’s your first date, it’s best not to try anything
experimental. Know what smells best on you.
Remember, what smelt heavenly on your friend
might stink on your skin! For everything
depends on your body odour. When you spray
perfume on your body, what you smell is a
combination of the deo spray and your body
odour. Choose wise.
Surprises galore: Women love surprises be it
chocolates, love notes, gifts or even a bouquet
of flowers. Women don’t mind them in any
numbers. You are sure to score brownie points
with this one!
Transparency: Honesty is still the best policy.
Never lie to her if you are thinking of a long-
term relationship. Never mind you will face
some initial flak, but eventually you will win
over her trust.
Perfect body: What with the celebrities being
obsessed with getting a six pack or eight pack
abs, girls too go ga ga over men with a well-
toned body. Get into the habit of regular
workout so you can make heads turn!
Dress well: Nothing turns off a women than a
poorly-dressed man. Do a style-check, spot
the trends in fashion, speak to a stylist to find
out what looks best on you. Clothes maketh
man literally!
Crowning glory: Nothing like a funky haircut!
A good hairstyle can give you a different look
altogether. What are you waiting for? Get that
stunner look so you can impress that chick
you have been eyeing.
Magic of your hands: You might have taken
your girlfriend to the hottest restaurants in
town, yet she will not mind if you can cook
one of her favourite dishes (or even plain
instant noodles) when she’s hungry. Such
moments are never forgotten.
There’s a joke doing the rounds that ‘A
woman’s mind is cleaner than a man’s That’s
because she changes it more often’. However,
there are some things that remain constant.


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