VICKY ZUGAH Details how she lost a House An Alhaji Gave her Because of Rumours


Screen actress, Vicky Zugah passed through
e.TV’s The Late Nite Celebrity Show to talk
movies and life under the spotlight.
Answering Giovani’s question on how rumors
impacted her career and life, she revealed:
“There was this story that surfaced about a
producer wanting to sleep with me before
giving me a role and around that same time,
Chocho Industry’s Alhaji gave me this
commercial and gave me a house for shooting
it and some people were going around saying
I was sleeping with Alhaji Chocho; I think he
got wind of the rumor about me sleeping with
him and so he took the house away.
The actress continued; “That one got to me
because Alhaji was nothing but a godfather to
me and he did that to protect his image and
She also revealed how it was reported that she
was pregnant for a newscaster.
“I remember a rumor about me being pregnant
for Ignatius of Metro TV and that wasn’t true.
Now I’m tired and grew a tough skin. When I
read or hear these things, I try to forget about
them and move on.”
The beautiful actress also revealed she was
ready to act nude if that was the only way she
could bring her character to life.
TLNCS airs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
at 9.30PM only on e.TV Ghana.
Tweets by @Y1079FM


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