KKD to reappear in court today


The ace broadcaster Kwesi Kyei Dakwa (KKD)
who is in Police custody for allegedly raping a
19-year-old will reappear before a district
magistrate court today.
KKD has denied the rape allegation and said
he had “consensual sex” with Ewureffe Orleans
In his lawyer’s bail application , he argued
that the facts do not show “there was any
physical or verbal threat of harm or physical
restraint used to compel the victim to have
sex with the accused, yet, the prosecution
contends the use of force.”They further argued
among others that, even though there were
two other persons in the room during the
alleged rape incident, the facts of the
prosecutor do not state that “any one of them
heard noise from the so-called victim.”
He also said the security footage from the
African Regent Hotel showed the Ghanaian
celebrity, KKD, and the said victim of a rape,
were captured on the hotel CCTV camera,
kissing before and after the alleged incident.
However in a charge sheet,presented by the
lawyer of Ewureffe, the incident happened in a
suite at the African Regent Hotel on December
27, 2014 when the accused invited her to help
him powder his face before a programme.
KKD denied bail
In a related development, a human rights court
has denied the showbiz icon bail.
The hearing for his bail application seeking
his release on Wednesday was adjourned to
January 13, 2015.
The presiding judge, Justice Essel Mensah
adjourned the case because the prosecutor
argued he received the bail application from
KKD’s lawyers on Tuesday evening.
The prosecutor’s request for more time to
study the application was accepted by the


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