It’s mischievous for people to label me a lesbian – Yvonne Nelson


She has surely played such roles in several
movies but that is where it all ends according
to Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson who has
been forced to refute news making the rounds
that she is into same-sex affair.
In an interview with Vanguard, the One Night
in Vegas actress denounces lesbianism in its
“Lesbianism is against my religious beliefs,
it’s against my cultural norms and I think it
was very mischievous for people to insinuate
such about someone they hardly knew. The
rumour was started by a notorious website in
Ghana last year when they reported that they
had never seen me with a man. In their
warped and twisted calculation, I was thus a
lesbian. Can you imagine such crass
The actress who said he has forgiven those
circulating the reports, restated once more
that she would forever remain a heterosexual
“That they had not seen me with a man, and
may have seen me with my girlfriends going
out to have fun, and then automatically I was
a lesbian. It was a hatchet job – an attempt
to discredit me, but they all failed. I am
heterosexual and would remain one till the
“When you are in the public light as I have
been blessed and privileged to being, your life
becomes a public property and some
mischievous people will say all manner of
things about you. It comes with the territory,
so I forgive them.”
Yvonne Nelson has actually been reported to
have had relationships, however brief, with a
couple of popular entertainers including
Iyanya, Ice Prince and Ghanaian actor, John


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