Asamoah Gyan retires


Ghana striker Asamoah Gyan has announced
the suspension of his music career until his
retirement from football.
The Black Stars captain was featured by his
good friend, Theophilus Tagoe aka Castro De
With the moniker, Baby Jet Ewole Monko,
Gyan quickly rose to fame with the release of
the hit song ‘African Girls’ ahead of the 2010
World Cup.
The song managed to win the collaboration of
the year award at the Ghana Music Awards
and this intrinsically motivated the footballer
who has a passion for music to do another
collaboration with Castro-‘Do the Dance’.
But the Al Ain ace says he is taking temporal
retirement from music career after his friend
Castro went missing last July.
“Sometimes at my leisure time I try to write
something,” he told
“I’ve got passion for it also despite what
happened to our friend [Castro].
“I felt like I have to just stay out a bit maybe
until the end of my career and after football
try to do something with my music.
“I was very down when it [Castro’s
disappearance] happened so I just try to stay
“He is the only one I said to myself if I had to
do any collaboration, it had to be just Catsro.
“So now that Castro is not around I don’t
think there is the need to do it.
“But I might do something after my career.”
Gyan says he will instead be looking to invest
in unearthing some budding musical talents in
“I am just thinking to support some artiste, to
support them but I have not yet decided who
exactly to help,” he added. My relationship
with Castro was great, we were like brothers.
So when I decide to help any artiste it is never
going to be like what me and Castro were –
talking about our relationship.
“It is just to help the artiste.”
Gyan is currently with the Ghana national
team in Spain preparing for the upcoming
2015 Africa Cup of Nations.


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