Expose Nayele accomplices


Frank Davies counsel for one of 12 persons
being tried for allegedly assisting convicted
Nayele Ametefeh to export 12kilos of cocaine
to the UK has rejected Nayele’s explanation
for refusing to disclose her accomplices.
Nayele who was jailed eight years, eight
months in London
today did not disclose the identities of high
profile persons in government dating back to
2004 that she referred to as companions to
protect her family back in Ghana.
But Mr. Davies told Evans Mensah on Joy
FM’s Top Story that her reason was not
tenable, describing it as “blind odd tricks”.
He demanded that state prosecution
investigating his client, Abiel Ashittey Armah
a deputy director at the Foreign Affairs
Ministry, should follow up in the UK and get
the names of the influential persons behind
her trade because the case has tainted the
image of Ghana.
Mr. Armah is said to have received a request
from one Alhaji Mohammed Dawood leading
to Nayale Ametefeh being granted access to
the VVIP lounge of the Kotoka International
But Frank Davies is convinced his client and
others “are being held for a crime they have
not committed” because Nayele never
mentioned the names of persons undergoing
trial in Ghana as her accomplices.
According to Mr. Davies, his client has been
“caught in a web of rather irritating
circumstances” because Nayele “can’t go and
bandy around and mention names of people
who one way or the other might have assisted
her, and other people here in Ghana would be
held culpable for offences they have not
In his view, since Nayele has pleaded guilty
and has been jailed for her action, “that is the
end of the matter” and should not affect his
Abiel Ashittey Armah will appear in court
tomorrow and Mr. Davies is rolling up his
sleeves to capitalize on today’s proceedings in
“Tomorrow would be an interesting day in
court,” a geared up Frank Davies insisted.


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