10 types of men a woman should avoid

Here are the list of men you should
literally speed away from in your twenties.
Why twenties?because that’s the most
sensitive decade in your life.
Oya,let’s begin.
1. The Social media freak. If he claims to
be grown up and spends a lot of time on
Instagram, twitter/facebook, speed!
2. The Flirty guy. If you constantly ask
why he’s acting like he’s into every
woman and if he calls every woman
“honey” or “babe” or “sweetheart” or any
other pet name when you should be
together, speed!
3. The Loud guy. If he is so noisy that
you sometimes even cringe when you are
out together, then speed! A man
shouldn’t be loud, he is a man not a boy.
4. The Wizkid, One directioner & whatever
teenage music guy. Scream all you want
but when his music taste is limited to
those listed above? Pls run. Fast!
5. The Confused guy. The man who
doesn’t seem to know what exactly what
he wants in life? You know the ones who
can’t give a definite response when you
ask where he sees himself in five years?
Yeah, that one.  Run from him.
6.The Bullet Spraying guy. He can’t speak
a correct sentence in english yet he never
stops talking and he never even listens
when he’s corrected. Scramble outta the
7. The Complex guy. He has a complex
and then becomes defensive whenever you
have a talk. He blows things out of
proportion and makes you sometimes
even feel bad for everything.
8. The over spender. Not like we are
complaining about the man who spends a
lot on us, I mean who doesn’t love good
things? But if he does this and he uses it
to cover up when he does bad things or
when he pisses you off. He doesn’t need
to be around you.
9. The one who is never happy for you. He
doesn’t understand why that promotion is
such a biggie and doesn’t get why you
won’t stop talking about it.
10. The one who looks down on you. He
doesn’t ever respect you. What the heck
are you waiting for?


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