Nayele to change court plea to not guilty


The Ghanaian/Austrian lady arrested by UK
authorities with 12.5 kilos of cocaine at
Heathrow Airport may be contemplating
vacating her earlier guilty plea.
Nayele Ametefe pleaded guilty to exporting
narcotic drugs to the United Kingdom on her
first appearance in court on November 27,
2014, following her arrest.
But a former Senior Crown Prosecutor in the
UK, Godwin Adjei-Gyamfi, in a Facebook post,
said, ” A call was made to the court on the
2/01/15 that she indeed wishes to vacate her
guilty plea. The court is yet to inform the CPS
(Crown Prosecution Service) formally because
the staff who received the call is not sure of
the authenticity of the call.”
Nayele was due in court today, but hearing
was postponed to Tuesday, January 6, 2015
because prosecutors could not complete a
forensic evaluation of the purity of the
She was expected to be sentenced at the next
adjourned date.
If the call is authenticated as coming from
Nayele, the case may be taking a dramatic
“If she maintains her early guilty plea, she is
looking between 9-10 years with a discount
for early guilty plea. However, if she fights the
case and she is found guilty she may be
looking at 13 years,” Mr. Adjei-Gyamfi stated
in his facebook post.


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