I have a snake in my leg, Super OD

Veteran Ghanaian actor Super OD has said
that a Ghanaian pastor once told him that he
had a snake in his leg.
The actor, who is well respected in Ghana’s
movie industry for his talent, made the revela­
tion in another attempt to respond to earlier
rumours that he was dead. However, he didn’t
reveal the identity of the pastor in question.
According to him, he was doing well and not
sick as speculated by the death reports. He is
only battling with old age.
“I am not sick; it’s just my knee that hurts. I
went to a pastor and he told me there was a
snake in my leg and said I should give him an
amount of GHȻ200 to get the snake out of my
“I went to borrow the GHȻ200 but I used
GHȻ100 for other things and still the snake is
in my leg. A character like that is the reason
why we don’t believe people. For me I think it
is old age. I’m grown now. I voted for Kwame
Nkrumah so I’m grown now,” OD said.
He was speaking on Ghana Movie Awards
stage on December 30, 2014 when he and
other veteran actors were invited on stage to
be celebrated on the night of the awards.
The veterans who were on stage that night will
each receive medical treatment worth GHȻ
10,000 at the Holy Trinity Spa and Health
OD also lamented the neglect of veteran actors
by film producers.
“The filmmakers, I don’t know why they don’t
come for us. If you look at Nigeria, elderly
roles are played by elderly people. But here in
Ghana it’s not like that. They pick young ones
to depict elderly roles. I want to tell them that
we are still around. We are not expensive. If
it’s fear that we are expensive, we will be
reasonable to reduce our fees for you,” OD


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