This is not mother ,unbelieveble

A Twenty-one-year-old woman, Talata Baana,
has been arrested by the Police for allegedly
murdering a 3-year-old boy in place of his
The suspect who is now in the custody of the
Nkawie Police alleges that the boy’s mother
accused her of thievery about a week ago.
The suspect was sighted abducting the
deceased boy, Bambilla Nkosum, by the father
of the boy who then reported the matter to the
Police for her arrest.
Enoch Bambilla was kidnapped on the blind
side of his mother from Suame Magazine to
Toase where he was forced to drink a
substance the police suspect to be DDT, and
then abandoned to die in a bush.
The chief Superintendent of the Nkawie
Divisional command, Isaac Baah confirmed
that Police investigations reveal a connection
between the boy’s death and the incident
between the suspect and the boy’s mother and
hence are preparing the matter for court next
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