Load shedding to Resume

The Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCo), says it
will from January 2015, resume the load
shedding exercise to both households and
Ghanaians experienced minimal impact of the
ongoing load-shedding exercise during the
Christmas season because of some measures
put in place by GRIDCo.
The Assistant Manager of the System Control
Centre at GRIDCo, Frank Otchere told Citi News
they are working tirelessly to keep the load
shedding at the barest minimum adding, “We
are going to have a gradual reduction.”
He explained that though GRIDCo is yet to
fully resume the exercise, currently, some
areas have had their lights gone off saying
“it’s going to be something of this sort, we
don’t expect it to be bad but month on month,
as new generation comes in, we are going to
expect that it’s going to help us ease.”
Ghanaians faced severe power crisis in 2014,
which negatively affected the operations of
businesses and individuals.
Mr Otchere further assured that they are
building a power plant to help ease the energy
situation in the country.
“A power plant can take up to somewhere like
three years actually to complete and install.
But these are expeditious efforts that are
being put in and that is going to see some of
these plants come in within three to five
months,” he added.
In a related development, the Volta River
Authority (VRA) has predicted that there will
be more power cuts in 2015.
According to the Authority, the Akosombo
Dam which is the nation’s major power
production planet is running below capacity.


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