How to be the man every woman wants

wpid-1140639-.jpg getting her to fall in love with you is a whole
new ball
game. If you have that loving feeling for your
lady and want to feel the love back, then you
have to work
on making her feel special, letting her
recognize how amazing you are, and making
the relationship grow
strong over time. The important thing is to
play your cards right and not to rush it. If you
go about it the
right way, then your woman will be falling for
you before you know it.
(1) Keep Things Light at the Beginning.
Though you may be desperate for your woman
to fall in love with you, you can’t try too hard,
first, or you’ll scare her off. You have to let
things progress naturally and for your
relationship to
deepen before you even think about the love
part. If you’ve only been together for a few
or a month or two, then you should keep
things light and fun, and avoid mentioning the
word, or it may not have the effect you’re
hoping for. Work on charming her first, being
and having a fun and dynamic relationship,
before you move into the deeper stuff.
Of course, every relationship moves at its own
pace. If you think you’re both really
approaching love
after a few months, then dive in! But make
sure that you’re looking for love with this
specific woman,
not just love in general.
If you open up too much in the beginning,
then she won’t feel like she has to work to
earn your trust.
Make it a little harder to see your deeper side,
and it’ll be worth it.
(2) Let Her Know You think she’s Special.
If you want the woman to fall in love with you,
then she has to see why she’s so important to
Without smothering her or freaking her out,
you can let her see that you know she’s one of
a kind and
that she really means a lot to you. She can’t
feel like just another girl you’re dating, can
she? Here are
some ways to let her know that you really like
her and think she’s totally unique:Say
something like, “I’ve
never met someone like you before. You’re just
so easy to talk to.”
Tell her she’s not like other girls. Then let her
know why. Be specific. Make an extra effort to
something special for her so that she feels
special. If you keep having the same boring
old dates, then
she won’t feel like she stands out to you.
(3) Be a Gentleman.
Who says chivalry is dead? You don’t have to
ride up on a horse to pick her up for a date,
but you should
make an effort to treat her like a lady. Part of
being a gentleman is having stellar manners,
and putting
in the effort to treat people correctly. If you do
this, then she will take notice, and will be on
her way to
falling for you. This doesn’t mean that you
should act nothing like yourself and have to
get all weird and
formal, but it does mean that you should try a
bit harder if you want her to keep caring for
you. Here are
some things any old gentleman can do: Give
her your coat if she’s cold,Have proper table
Put her needs before your own when it comes
to having the best seat, the last bite of food,
(4) Show that You Care About Who She is.
If you want a woman to genuinely fall in love
with you, then you have to show her that you
see her as
more than just an object or a trophy to be
won. You have to let her see that you actually
care about who
she is as a person, about what she wants,
what her dreams are, and what her
experiences have been.
You shouldn’t interrogate her, but at the same
time, you have to make an effort to know who
she really
is besides the fun-loving, beautiful woman you
see in front of you.
(5) Don’t Smother Her.
If you want a woman to fall for you, then you
can’t crowd her all the time. You can’t force a
to fall in love with you, and the more you’re
around and calling and texting her all the
time, the less
likely she is to really feel it. For the woman to
really evaluate her feelings about you, she
needs some
distance and space to think about you. If
you’re always around, asking what she’s up
to, or telling her
how amazing she is 24/7, that won’t speed up
her feelings of love for you. If you let her know
you care
but give her space at the same time, then
she’ll be much more likely to fall for you.
(6) Impress Her with Your Independence.
Having your own life and doing your own thing
is related to not smothering the woman. If you
her to fall for you, then you have to make her
see that you’re a person who is worth falling
for, not just
a puppy dog she can keep on a leash. Hang
out with your guy friends. Spend some time
training for a
marathon, playing guitar, or pursuing your
favorite hobby. Maintain a career that means
something to
you. The more happy you are on your own, the
more the woman will want to be around you.
wants a guy who wants to spend 300 hours a
week in bed watching TV with them. People
want partners
who are dynamic and have their own hopes
and dreams, while making time for their
significant others.


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