Hammer of The Last Two

Producer extraordinaire Hammer of the Last
Two, is not happy at the moment and it’s
obvious the arrest of his protege Kwaw Kese is
getting to him.
He has made it known he sees nothing wrong
with weed.
The Yeda Wase producer posted on his
Timeline on Facebook;
“U wanna knw wha i really think is wrong with
weed? NOTHING!
wld u rather be in a room full of drunks or
weed smokers… give me weed smokers
anytime… lay back and friendly.
When was the last time a bar fight broke out
between weed smokers?
Drive drunk u think ure doing 30 but ure really
doing 90… drive high u think ure doing 90
and ure really doing 30
Weed is the only thing u can actually pluck
from a tree and smoke there and then.
Cigarettes, liquor and all have to go through
chemicals. Who are we fooling. Americans are
waking up and we still fast asleep. Well… #


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