Having problems and keeping it to myself sometimes tell friends and it just feels like they don’t get what I’m saying; they loudly voice their opinions about what I should do: which make it seems like I’ve been sitting idle and not have been doing nothing about my problems.
Sitting alone and thinking: such a long road am travelling on, started with courage,hope and love to see the end of the road. It felt very smooth at first, got to the middle and thinking I should probably go back and start the journey, give up or probably continue the journey and get to enjoy at the end by then the journey will be worthwhile and meaningful.
See the plane and think of my disappointment, dreams that never came true, love that I never wish I found in the first place,family that I sometimes wish I was never born in, friends that never checked on you because you’ve always been the only one doing that and encouraging them, so they think you’re always okay wherever you are, parent that never told me the truth about my childhood, elder sisters: the little sister had to take care of and assume their responsibilities, people that take my kindness and goodness for granted, people that forget to treat me just the way Jesus did but call themselves Christians, tears that i didn’t want to fall down, the loneliness I felt;
Do I count them all as minus from my life? That will be emphatic No! Because all that include to making me the good woman I am today. I am grateful for all those days.
Now standing in the middle of the long road and I see all those minus and thinking I should give up or rather go back to the beginning; raise my head in the mist of all that and saw the brightest star in the sky and felt that my end will surely be like that so probably all that am thinking is not an option, will continue my journey and know as long as I breathe, I hope……… And know all that will come to pass.
This is to inspire the broken hearted and coming undone, in life there is nothing such as smooth road from the start to end. The road is never easy to want to make your dreams come to pass, know that as long as you breathe, you hope…….. And don’t forget to seek God in all of your ways.
Lastly, you were made to fit a purpose and only you could do and of all the stars out tonight you shine brighter.

By: Anita Boakye


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