Yes, it’s that time of year again. The time of
year when we feel as if we have to turn over a
new leaf. The time when we misguidedly
imagine that the arrival of a new year will
magically provide the catalyst, motivation and
persistence we need to reinvent ourselves.
Traditionally, New Year’s Day is styled as the
ideal time to kick start a new phase in your
life and the time when you must make your all
important new year’s resolution.
Unfortunately, the beginning of the year is
also one of the worst times to make a major
change in your habits because it’s often a
relatively stressful time, right in the middle of
the party and vacation season.
Don’t set yourself up for failure in 2015 by
vowing to make huge changes that will be
hard to keep. Instead follow these seven steps
for successfully making a new year’s
resolution you can stick to for good.
1. Just pick one thing
If you want to change your life or your lifestyle
don’t try to change the whole thing at once. It
won’t work. Instead pick one area of your life
to change to begin with.
Make it something concrete so you know
exactly what change you’re planning to make.
If you’re successful with the first change you
can go ahead and make another change after
a month or so. By making small changes one
after the other, you still have the chance to be
a whole new you at the end of 2015 and it’s a
much more realistic way of doing it.
Don’t pick a New Year’s resolution that’s
bound to fail either, like running a marathon if
you’re 40lbs overweight and get out of breath
walking upstairs. If that’s the case resolve to
walk every day. When you’ve got that habit
down pat you can graduate to running in short
bursts, constant running by March or April
and a marathon at the end of the year. What’s
the one habit you most want to change?
2. Plan ahead
To ensure success you need to research the
change you’re making and plan ahead so you
have the resources available when you need
them. Here are a few things you should do to
prepare and get all the systems in place ready
to make your change.
Read up on it – Go to the library and get
books on the subject. Whether it’s quitting
smoking, taking up running or yoga or
becoming vegan there are books to help you
prepare for it. Or use the Internet. If you do
enough research you should even be looking
forward to making the change.
Plan for success – Get everything ready so
things will run smoothly. If you’re taking up
running make sure you have the trainers,
clothes, hat, glasses, ipod loaded with
energetic sounds at the ready. Then there can
be no excuses.
3. Anticipate problems
There will be problems so make a list of what
they’ll be. If you think about it, you’ll be able
to anticipate problems at certain times of the
day, with specific people or in special
situations. Once you’ve identified the times
that will probably be hard work out ways to
cope with them when they inevitably crop up.
4. Pick a start date
You don’t have to make these changes on
New Year’s Day. That’s the conventional
wisdom, but if you truly want to make
changes then pick a day when you know you’ll
be well-rested, enthusiastic and surrounded by
positive people. I’ll be waiting until my kids
go back to school in February.
Sometimes picking a date doesn’t work. It’s
better to wait until your whole mind and body
are fully ready to take on the challenge. You’ll
know when it is when the time comes.
5. Go for it
On the big day go for it 100%. Make a
commitment and write it down on a card. You
just need one short phrase you can carry in
your wallet. Or keep it in your car, by your bed
and on your bathroom mirror too for an extra
dose of positive reinforcement.
Your commitment card will say something like:
I enjoy a clean, smoke-free life.
I stay calm and in control even under times
of stress.
I’m committed to learning how to run my
own business.
I meditate daily.
6. Accept failure
If you do fail and sneak a cigarette, miss a
walk or shout at the kids one morning don’t
hate yourself for it. Make a note of the
triggers that caused this set back and vow to
learn a lesson from them.
If you know that alcohol makes you crave
cigarettes and oversleep the next day cut back
on it. If you know the morning rush before
school makes you shout then get up earlier or
prepare things the night before to make it
easier on you.
Perseverance is the key to success. Try again,
keep trying and you will succeed.
7. Plan rewards
Small rewards are great encouragement to
keep you going during the hardest first days.
After that you can probably reward yourself
once a week with a magazine, a long-distance
call to a supportive friend, a siesta, a trip to
the movies or whatever makes you tick.
Later you can change the rewards to monthly
and then at the end of the year you can pick
an anniversary reward. Something that you’ll
look forward to. You deserve it and you’ll have
earned it.
Whatever your plans and goals are for 2015
I’d do wish you luck with them but remember,
it’s your life and you make your own luck.
Decide what you want to do in 2015 plan how
to get it and go for it. I’ll definitely be
cheering you on.
Are you planning to make a New Year’s
resolution in 2015 What is it and is it
something you’ve tried to do before or
something new?


“It’s not lack of love, but lack of friendship that’s makes unhappy marriages” Friedrich Nietzsche
Relationships require work and attention, for a relationship to work there should be two people who are willing to work at it no matter the cost. Most people are of the believe that love is all happiness but what the refuse to see is that it’s the little fights and angry moments that helps iron out any differences we may have as complete different individuals. Every beautiful relationship that you are seeing right now or might have seen in the past must have gone through fire but in the end it’s the desire to stay together kept then going. Remember “willingness is all partners need to make their relationship work”. This is few ways to keep your relationship going.

We all need to know how to accept each other , no partner can possess all the qualities you would like to see in your partner .It is extremely important to accetptanceaccept the bad side as well as the good side of your partner, and help change the ones that can be changed without sacrificing your partners personality. You as an individual must make an honest assessment of where and who you are in life right now and accept it. It is the only way that will help the other partner accept you as well, so you can move on to the next level

Having a trustworthy partner goes a long way to help create a buffer betwtrusteen you and the difficulty of the world and relationships. When you have a trustworthy partner which you can rely on, it makes it easier to make the decisions that matters the most about relationships without thinking too much about the risks involved. One way to build trust is to be honest with your partner with your feelings, needs, and thoughts.

Everybody knows that communication is a very important in every relationship, but most of us do not know how to communicate. Good communication is when both partners are able to share their emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of their lives withocommunicationut feeling judged or devalued .Neither you or your partner is a mind reader or a magician to know what the other is feeling or thinking.

Relationships and marriages need to grow. As the relationship grow both of you must become one unit. This means being involved with each other in a supportive manner without compromising your values or sacrificing yourself for the relationship. Interdependence means having time to yourself as wellinterdependence as time together. Partners who are interdependent have time for and interest in what the other is up to and helps in whatever way he /she can help. The key here is finding the balance between what you must compromise and what you cannot sacrifice.

Everybody in this world needs attention and recognition. And you can take advantage of that to make your relationship better by expressing your appreciation on a deep and emotional level. You need to make each other know that you are grateful for one another’s actions and efforts. Look for anyacknowledgment opportunity to let your lover know you respect their support and efforts positively. This can be done by just saying ” thank you” when your partner does something for you.

Showering your partner with little gifts, staying lonely during the day if you are apart and being there for you partner no matter what are just ways you can reinforce reinforcementyour relationships. Be mindful of any actions or behaviors that might undermine your love and get them changed ASAP.
Every relationship needs nurturing , care and two committed people who are determined to make it work. If you truly love your partner then make all the efforts and it wil be so worth it in the end.



2014 Ghana Movie Awards was successfully held last night at the Accra International Conference Center. Winners on the night include, Shirley Frimpong Manso, Adjetey Annan, Kalybos, Eddie Watson, Afia Schwarzenegger and others.

See full list of winners below:

1. John Dumelo – Love or Something Like That
2. James Gardiner, Eddie Watson, Elikem Kumordzie – Bachelors
3. Adjetey Annang – Devil in the Detail***
4. Majid Michel – Family Albumis
5. Kwadjo Nkansah (Lilwin) – Made in Agege

Actress in a Leading Role
1.Joselyn Dumas – Love or Something Like That***
2.Jackie Appiah – Sisters at War
3.Kafui Danku – Devil in a Dress
4.Ama K. Abrebese – Double Cross
5.Yvonne Nelson – Bachelors

Mikki Osei Berko – Potomanto;
Edward Kuffour – When Love Comes Around***
Kwaku manu – Last Word
Kofi Adjololo – Family Album
Chris Attoh – Single Married & Complicated

Sonia Ibrahim – Shattered Romance
Marie Humbert – Potomanto
Nana Ama Mac-Brown – Bachelors
Kasum Sinari – Family Album***is1
Rose Mensah (Kyeiwaa) – Odo


Olu Jacob – Potomanto
Okechukwu Ukeje – Love or Something like that ***
Jim Iyke – When Love comes Aroundis2
Alex Ekubo – Single, Married and Complicated
Uti Nwachukwu – Devil in a Dress

Nse Ikpe-Etim – Devil in the Detail
Eku Edewor – When Love comes Around ***
Pierra Makena – When Love Comes Around
Maria Nepembe – Why Should I Get Marriedis4
Rukky Sanda – If You were Mine

Love or Something Like That – Shirley Frimpong Manso***

sisters at War – Frank Rajah
Double Cross – Pascal Aka
Shattered Romance – Eddie Nartey
Single, Married and Complicated – Pascal Amanfo

Love or Something Like That – Shirley Frimpong Manso
Single Married and Complicated – Okey Benso
Double Cross – Pascal Aka
Family Album – Afla Marley***

Double Cross – Pascal Aka and Prince Dovlo****

When Love Comes Around – Muyiwa Aluko
Potomanto – Ken Attoh
Single Married and Complicated – Tunde Adekoyi
Why Should I Get Married – Lex Mccarthy

Family Album – Samira Yakubu
Made in Agege – Bernard Adusie & Kenneth Yeboah
Single Married & Complicated – Clara Ashantiwaa
If You Were Mine – Adwoa Asankwa
Love or Something Like That – Ofelia Crossland & Duaba Serwa ***

Love or Something Like That – Selina Asanter
Double Cross – Nana Ama Atsu***
Had I Know – Jude Odoi
Bachelors – Lydia Ashitey
Made in Agege – Faith Evans

Single Married & Complicated – Berni Anti ***
Sister at War – Okyeame Kofi
Why Should I Get Married – DJ Breezy
If You Were Mine – Seshi Dotse
Love or Something Like That – Ivan Ayitey & Kofi Boachie – Ansah

Why did I Get Married – Desmond Blackmore & Jane Awindor***
Single, Married & Complicated – Berni Anti
Sisters at War – Okyeame Kofi
Made in Agege – Ralph kakari

Love or Something Like That – Shirley Frimpong Manso***
Single, Married & Complicated – Pascal Amanfo
Shattered Romance – Eddie Nartey
Bachelors – Maxwell Akwesi Amuni
When Love Comes Around – Zynnell Zuh & David Amah

Family Album – Production Design – Pascal Amanfo, Set Decoration – D. J Vegas
Last Word – Production Design -Abeam Danso, Set Decoration – Abeam Danso
Potomanto – Production Design – Shirley Frimpong Manso, Set Decoration – Ken Attoh
Devil in a Dress – Production Design – Kafui Danku, Set Decoration – Bismark Odoi***

Bismark The Joke – Abeam Danso***
Family Album – Berni Anti
Potomanto – Shirley Frimpong Manso

Richard Ashanti (Kalybos) – Boys Kasa ***
Sammy B – Shattered Romance
Ahoefe Patricia – Boys Kasa
Charles Nii Armah Mensah (Shatta Wale) – Never Say Never
Jane Awindor ( Efya) – Why should I Get Married
Bismarck Odoi – Bachelors

Why Should I Get Married – Desmond Blackmore (Producer)
Love or Something Like That – Ken Attoh, Joselyn Dumas & Shirley Frimpong Manso (Producers)
Bachelors – Sallam Abdul (Producer)
Single, Married & Complicated – Yvonne Nelson (Producer)
Devil in a Dress – Kafui Danku (Producer)
Shattered Romance – Juliet Ibrahim (Producer)
Double Cross – D.R Kuffour & Ama K. Abebrese (Producers)
When Love Comes Around – Zynnell Zuh (Producer)
Family Album – Hajia Hawa Meizongo (Producer)***
If You Were Mine – Kobi Bartels (Producer)

King Agokoli
Missing Mother
Ghana Police
The Adventures kalybos

High School (GH One)
Abrabo (UTV )
Efiewura (Adom TV & TV3)
Yellow Café (GTV & Afro Star TV) ***
Afia Schwarzenegger (Viasat 1)

1. Jasmine Baroudi – Heart Break Hotel (TV3)
2. Gloria Sarfo – Living with Trisha (Viasat 1)
3. Maame Boateng – Chorkor Trotro (TV3)
4. Ahoefe Patricia – Boys Kasa (TV3 & UTV)
5. Victoria Michael – Office palava
6. Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa***

Derrick Kobina Boateng – High School (GH One)
Kojo Nkwansah (lil-win) – Abrabo (UTV)***
Kwame Djokoto – Efiewura (TV3)
Prince Yawson – Chorkor Trotro (TV3)
David Oscar – Peep (TV3)

Favorite Actor
Majid Michel
Prince David Osei
John Dumelo
Van Vicker

Kojo Nkwansah (Lilwin)***
Kwaku Manu
Akwasi Boadi (Akrobeto)
James Gardiner
Kofi Adu ( Agya Koo)
Richard Ashanti (Kalybos)

Yvonne Nelson
Jackie Appiah
Nadia Buari
Yvonne Okoro
Maame Serwaa
Rose Mensah (Kyeiwaa)***
Nana Ama Mac-Brown
Juliet Ibrahim
Emelia Brobbey
Rosely Ngissah

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Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah (Aka PMC) 1835
John Owusu Amankrah (JOWAK) 731
Kamal Noshie 520
Awudu Ariff Abubakar 202
Kwaku Boahen 1647 (ELECTED)
Fred Kwesi Agbenyo 1298 (ELECTED)
Alfred Kojo Triddles 227
Christine Afi Fiakpoe 1244
Nuhu Khalid Baba Alhaji (Baba Alhaji) 131
Mohammed Nasiru Seidu 412
Adongo Atule Jacob 816
Aduku Amos Awinzor 105
Aseidu Keteke 816
David Dotse Kwandah 39
Prince Tanko Ibrahim 95
Hamaz Paramza 169

Vida Addae 912 (WINNER)
Anabah Adam Moro (Alhaji) 726
Mohammed Mashood 217
Ebenezer Nii-Armah Tackie 389
Berthe Agnes Amenuvor 857

(Pinksheet Man)Joshua Hamidu Akamba 2460
Mahdi Gibrill 1971 (ELECTED)
Baba Abdulahi Sheriff 1147
Ruben Cudjoe Apeke 425

Koku Anyidoho 2337 (ELECTED)
George Lawson 1389 (ELECTED)
Evans Armoo 261
Joseph R. D. Kobbinah 521
Kojo Adu-Asare 1313
Amaglo Wisdom Kwame 393


Hammer of The Last Two

Producer extraordinaire Hammer of the Last
Two, is not happy at the moment and it’s
obvious the arrest of his protege Kwaw Kese is
getting to him.
He has made it known he sees nothing wrong
with weed.
The Yeda Wase producer posted on his
Timeline on Facebook;
“U wanna knw wha i really think is wrong with
weed? NOTHING!
wld u rather be in a room full of drunks or
weed smokers… give me weed smokers
anytime… lay back and friendly.
When was the last time a bar fight broke out
between weed smokers?
Drive drunk u think ure doing 30 but ure really
doing 90… drive high u think ure doing 90
and ure really doing 30
Weed is the only thing u can actually pluck
from a tree and smoke there and then.
Cigarettes, liquor and all have to go through
chemicals. Who are we fooling. Americans are
waking up and we still fast asleep. Well… #


kjhg gfc images gfdWhile most African attires comes from the motherland ,we can also have unique Afrocentrism designs from all over the world .From suits, to dresses and African accessories such as jewellery and beads,

Most modern Africans wear western-styled pants ,shirts ,dresses and shoes.others continue to combine the old with new, wearing traditional clothing, along with western styles. Women katanas and men boubous are full length embroidered robes . These kaftan, which today are mainly worn by African women ,were originally worn by western African men.made from cotton or silk, kaftans sometimes button down the front.they are also the traditional female clothing of many countries in western Africa such as Mali, Senegal and Ghana.

The history of Africa fashion roots and how it has changed over time is also interesting. the greatest on clothing began in the 20th century as a result of trading with western countries. originally, Europeans and Arabs influenced African clothing, especially in the northern regions.the influence of the Arabian culture continues to be seen in the designs,embroideries, and long robes worn by some African in our daily lives.


This wide selection of men and women clothing includes many different fashion styles from the very modern to more traditional attire.In Ghana we love kente ,its one of our best homemade attires and the men wrap it around themselves crossing over to the left shoulder while the women wrap it around themselves just above their breast region or sew it into what we call kaba and slit .Those looking for African dresses and kaftans will find them at African exhibitions.

For business people ,having a variety of wholesale and retail African clothing is normally the best way to increase our pride in our heritage , culture and style. whoever you are be proud to be African because Africa is full of fashion. BE MADE OF BLACK.

By : kayphii.





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Having problems and keeping it to myself sometimes tell friends and it just feels like they don’t get what I’m saying; they loudly voice their opinions about what I should do: which make it seems like I’ve been sitting idle and not have been doing nothing about my problems.
Sitting alone and thinking: such a long road am travelling on, started with courage,hope and love to see the end of the road. It felt very smooth at first, got to the middle and thinking I should probably go back and start the journey, give up or probably continue the journey and get to enjoy at the end by then the journey will be worthwhile and meaningful.
See the plane and think of my disappointment, dreams that never came true, love that I never wish I found in the first place,family that I sometimes wish I was never born in, friends that never checked on you because you’ve always been the only one doing that and encouraging them, so they think you’re always okay wherever you are, parent that never told me the truth about my childhood, elder sisters: the little sister had to take care of and assume their responsibilities, people that take my kindness and goodness for granted, people that forget to treat me just the way Jesus did but call themselves Christians, tears that i didn’t want to fall down, the loneliness I felt;
Do I count them all as minus from my life? That will be emphatic No! Because all that include to making me the good woman I am today. I am grateful for all those days.
Now standing in the middle of the long road and I see all those minus and thinking I should give up or rather go back to the beginning; raise my head in the mist of all that and saw the brightest star in the sky and felt that my end will surely be like that so probably all that am thinking is not an option, will continue my journey and know as long as I breathe, I hope……… And know all that will come to pass.
This is to inspire the broken hearted and coming undone, in life there is nothing such as smooth road from the start to end. The road is never easy to want to make your dreams come to pass, know that as long as you breathe, you hope…….. And don’t forget to seek God in all of your ways.
Lastly, you were made to fit a purpose and only you could do and of all the stars out tonight you shine brighter.

By: Anita Boakye


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